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Airport Spotting: The Airbus A340 at 30

What airlines still fly the original Airbus quad jet?

Over 30 years have now passed since the first flight of the Airbus A300’s ultimate stretch, the A340, an aircraft that, while not quite as successful as it’s main, twinjet competitor, the Boeing 777, had a significant impact on aircraft design and pioneered some of the world’s longest passenger flights. Today, the Airbus A340 has fallen out of favour with most of its original operators, with the notable exception of Lufthansa, and been replaced by more efficient Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 twinjets. However, the A340 lives on in fairly significant numbers in the Middle East, with a few flying for other operators further abroad. Today we’ll be taking a look at which operators are holding out with the A340! You can read the rest on

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The A340 is a pretty unusual sight within Australia these days, though a chartered Hi-Fly Malta A340 was coming down to Perth yesterday

Thanks Tom! Last scheduled services were SAA’s JNB-PER services, but the ADF regularly charter the HiFly ones for troop transfers, so they turn up in Sydney and Townsville fairly regularly.

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