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Sharp Airlines Fairchild Metroliner to Burnie

The shortest hop aboard the Metroliner

With interstate travel still largely impossible, last October I took the opportunity to fly Launceston to Burnie return with Sharp Airlines. This flight continues on to King Island, but with my limited budget I chose just the initial leg.

As I would be disembarking at Burnie/Wynyard, I was seated in 1C, just behind the small storage compartment. Takeoff from Launnie was smooth, and we were soon cruising north west up the coast.

After the twenty minute hop up the coast, we arrived at a completely deserted Burnie Airport, and I headed off into Wynyard, and spent the next two hours walking round the town.

Half an hour before departure, I was back at BWT, and I took the opportunity to have a quick look around, although other than an umbrella bin with 1980s Ansett branding on it, there wasn’t much to see.

VH-HWR arrived back from King Island soon after, and once most of the passengers had disembarked, I hopped back onboard, this time in seat 1A.

The return leg to Launceston was a fair bit longer, almost 30 minutes in the air. As the pilots later told me, the Metroliner struggles considerably in hot temperatures, even with a light load, the headwind only exacerbating that.

Once back on the ground at Launceston, the pilots invited me up to the cockpit, as I had mentioned I was a keen avgeek earlier. They were happy to answer all my questions, and told me a bit about Sharp Airlines’ operations in Tasmania.

I only got a few photos before I disembarked and headed back through the Sharp Airlines terminal.

I really enjoyed the experience, and I’d love to fly with them again, perhaps to Flinders, or continuing on to King Island. I hope this has been a good read, I really recommend watching the second video, as its just a 4 minute timelapse!

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